Completing a business activity statement (BAS) is how you report and pay your business taxes to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). It is important to have all your paperwork in order each quarter for the lodgement of your BAS. Otherwise, it may prove to be a headache preparing all the necessary documents and gathering invoices. Preparing a BAS is different for every business and depends on the registration of your business and whether you are completing monthly or quarterly BAS.

The main reason businesses need to lodge a BAS is to report on and to pay GST. You will also be able to claim for GST credits on items that you have paid GST on for your business. It is important to keep tax invoices and to ensure that you are systematic with recording and managing your financial information so as not to miss out on any eligible deductions and claims for GST credits.

At Go Figured we are registered with the Tax Practitioners Board and are skilled in providing advice and information about submitting your BAS. We understand that you have a lot to do running your own business, and we are committed to providing service that delivers peace of mind. We do this by working alongside or within your business and ensuring that every box is ticked, and every invoice is correct.

When you need help with BAS lodgement, end of financial year reconciliation and ATO correspondence, we have the BAS agent services you require. Call us on 07 3608 4206 or get in touch online. We are here to make lodging your BAS simple.

Our BAS Services

While we offer bookkeeping services, we also offer specialised BAS services. As your BAS agent we can handle all your bookkeeping requirements in addition to preparing financial statements, lodging your BAS and instalment activity statement (IAS) with the ATO and a range of other services. We can represent, advise, and assist you with things like calculating GST, luxury car tax, wine tax, fuel tax, fringe benefit tax payments, payroll factors relating to withholding tax and any aspects of PAYG.

If you would like to understand what we can do for you, please contact us to book a complimentary one-hour session with our specialised team.

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Our Fees

We don’t believe in providing information to you but then leaving one of the most important factors out. Because of course, while you choose us for your BAS services and lodgement based on our level of service and expertise, the fact is that price does come into decision making. So, we have all our information available to you here.

For BAS lodgement and any relevant phone calls or communications you will pay:

$110 per hour, inclusive of GST

If you would like further BAS agent services or information from us, this is available at an additional cost. These prices can be found elsewhere on our website under the relevant service.