Are you looking for a high-quality accounting software that provides an easy to use interface and logical functionality? QuickBooks is a fantastic accounting product which is well-known and widely used in small, medium and large businesses.

If you own a business or are thinking of starting a business and need some accounting software that ticks all the boxes, QuickBooks is a fantastic choice. We wanted to cover some of the pros and cons of working with QuickBooks in the hopes that it helps you make a decision for your business’ accounting needs.

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Advantages of Using QuickBooks for Your Business

When you use QuickBooks, you’ll be engaging with software that’s oriented towards you, the customer. This software has been specifically designed to be easy to use and easy to understand – at every level of business finance, so whether you need sophisticated reporting or something simpler, QuickBooks will work for you.

Taxation reporting is simple. Managing taxes is easy with QuickBooks – from filling in your tax forms and monitoring income, QuickBooks makes it simple to complete all of your taxation reporting, BAS and everything else the ATO could possibly want.

Simplicity. QuickBooks provides a simplified accounting and bookkeeping interface which makes it easier for you to record sales, income, payroll and expenses. When budgeting QuickBooks gives you the functionality to input recurring transactions and to protect your income and cash flow.

Report generation. You can automatically generate reports using the data you have entered into your QuickBooks accounts. Reports can include profit and loss statements, balance sheets, or cash flow statements – and you can go further than that to divide and segment items like your largest expenses for the year or quarter.

Communication made easy. When you are working with QuickBooks, you have the capacity to send information directly to clients and contacts – without having to print documents or export them as PDF documents.

Customisation is possible. QuickBooks comes built in with a number of ready-made templates that are easy to use and even easier to customise. You can add company logos and colours for ultimate customisation.

Check signing built in. You have the capacity to scan and upload your signature and then use your signature to prepare checks for your business. This can save you time and effort writing up checks every month!

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What about QuickBooks’s Pricing?

QuickBooks offers you a scalable subscription along with a free 30-day trial, so you can sample the features without having to make a commitment first. You will be able to track income and expenses and send custom invoices with even the base-level pricing structure, and the functionality only increases from there. With the base level QuickBooks pricing you will be able to manage a payroll of up to 10 staff and can get insights and reports quickly and easily.

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Contact us at Go Figured today. We are here to make short work of your accounting by using Xero for your business. If you have a small business, a medium-sized enterprise or are a larger organisation and are looking for a way to manage your accounts quickly and easily, Xero may be just the thing you need.

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