Go Figured Bookkeeping was founded by Kelli Beauchamp in 2001. Kelli began her journey as a sole trader, but within the last few years she has grown Go Figured Bookkeeping to be a team of 5 full time staff members.

Kelli has over 20 years of experience in administration, over 20 years experience in bookkeeping, and is a member of the Tax Practitioners Board. Combined, the Go Figured Bookkeeping team have over 34 years of experience in bookkeeping and administration – so rest assured that you are in the best hands!

Kelli has always held a progressive mindset when it comes to bookkeeping and business, always keeping up to date on the latest technology and concepts to help you and your business run more efficiently. The team are experienced in multiple different accounting programs and APIs – see our Programs page to find out more!

Go Figured are proactive in keeping not only your accounts up-to-date, but keeping a constant line of communication open with you. The team at Go Figured Bookkeeping are also Xero Certified Advisors and Xero Payroll Certified. We are also proud to be one of the very few firms to achieve Xero Platinum Partner status in Brisbane.

Let us take care of your books, while you take care of your business!

Xero Certified Advisor Badge
Xero Payroll Certified Badge

Meet Kelli

The Maestro of Numbers and Owner-Director Extraordinaire at GoFigured Bookkeeping!

With over two decades of bookkeeping wizardry under her belt, Kelli is not only a Xero certified advisor and a BAS agent but also leads her team with finesse, making her an undisputed expert in the bookkeeping world. She’s the go-to person for financial solutions and a trusted confidant for all things money-related. 💼📊

When she’s not crunching numbers, Kelli swaps her calculator for a golf club, tennis racket, or a spot in the choir, adding a touch of excitement to her already vibrant life. ⛳🎾🎤

So, if you’re seeking financial guidance with a dash of fun and a heart of gold, or someone to harmonize your numbers, Kelli Beauchamp is your go-to financial virtuoso! 🌟💸

Meet Bec

Bec, a dedicated Senior Bookkeeper with over 8 years of invaluable experience, joined the Go Figured team in 2019. Previously working for a national company as their in-house bookkeeper as well as previously working in client bookkeeping for 6 years, her true passion lies in the world of client bookkeeping.

Bec has a Diploma of Accounting, is a registered BAS agent and a practicing member of the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers.  Bec loves taking the stress out of bookkeeping so clients can focus on what they do best.

Meet Allison

Originally from France, Allison made the leap to Brisbane in 2011. In 2020, she obtained her certificate IV in Accounting and Bookkeeping, marking the beginning of her journey from the hospitality industry to her current role at Go Figured. Here, she gets to combine her passion for customer service, numbers and continuous learning which lead her to become a BAS agent.

Her mission is to help businesses stay on top of their books; outside of the office you can find Allison at the movies, looking for the best coffee spot in town, at home whipping up some new recipes (her dad is a chef) and planning her next overseas trip.

Meet Natasha

with more than 25-years’ experience in Bookkeeping she is able to ensure that all the system and processes of a clients file are handled correctly.

Natasha has worked with a variety of business, from plumbers to radiology clinics and takes pride in putting the puzzle pieces together to get the numbers right for our clients, enabling the completion of BAS returns and meaningful management reports.

Meet Bethany

Bethany has a strong administration background across a wide range of industries but after completing her Cert IV in Accounting & Bookkeeping in 2017 and becoming a BAS agent realised that her true passion was bookkeeping.

Bethany is passionate about staying up-to-date with operating software, streamlining business processes and ensuring books are current and completed accurately. Recently, Bethany also completed her Diploma in Payroll Services. When Bethany is not bookkeeping, she loves spending time outdoors being active, baking and reading.

Meet Amanda

Equipped with her Certificate IV in Bookkeeping and Accounting, but she’s not your typical bookkeeper. Amanda’s got a diverse background in admin, retail, hospitality, and customer service, combining her strong work ethic with top-notch organization skills that make her a standout in any business scene.

Amanda’s once ran her own small transport business, giving her firsthand insights into the unique challenges small businesses face.

Beyond the world of bookkeeping, Amanda’s a bookworm and a craft enthusiast, loving a good read and channelling her creativity into hobbies like quilting and paper crafts.

Meet Susanna

A skilled bookkeeper from the picturesque landscapes of Germany. With a passion for numbers that runs deep, she has found solace and purpose in the precise world of bookkeeping.

Her typical German efficiency and time-conscious nature makes her a reliable asset in any professional setting. Whether it’s managing spreadsheets or balancing number, she approaches her work with precision and dedication.

Beyond the world of numbers, Susanna has a heartwarming love for animals and a profound connection to nature. You’ll often find her embarking on adventures to explore the beauty of the natural world.

Meet Tracey

Meet Tracey, a seasoned bookkeeper with 15+ years’ experience and a registered BAS agent.

Tracey brings a wealth of knowledge and precision to her role, ensuring meticulous accuracy in all aspects of bookkeeping. Beyond crunching numbers, she finds solace and joy in the outdoors, whether hiking through scenic landscapes, gardening or savouring a good red wine.

Meet Jen

With over 10 years in the world of small business start-ups, she’s got the inside scoop on the needs and worries of fellow business owners.
Jen’s mission? To make your life easier with super-efficient bookkeeping practices. And guess what? She’s a self-confessed Excel addict and proud of it!

When Jen’s not crunching numbers, you’ll find her immersed in the world of cross-stitching or hitting the open road on her motorcycle.

Meet Deb

Your go-to number whiz and financial guru! With 15 years in the bookkeeping game and a BAS agent registration, she’s got the skills to pay the bills—literally! When she’s not diving into the digits, you’ll catch her jet-setting to new places, soaking in the sights and Flavours of the world.

Trust Deb to keep your finances in check while adding a touch of adventure to the mix!

Meet Mel

A seasoned bookkeeper with over 20 years of expertise. While Mel is a whiz with numbers, her true passion lies in the great outdoors. When she’s not meticulously balancing books, you’ll find her out on the open water, fishing rod in hand.

Mel seamlessly combines her professional acumen with her love for adventure, proving that precision and excitement can go hand in hand.

Meet Jacqueline

A seasoned Certified Bookkeeper with over 5 years of experience in accounting. But she’s not just about numbers; she thrives on mastering new accounting software.

When not tackling financial challenges, she’s a first-time mom embracing the joys of motherhood. In her rare moments of solitude, you’ll find her hooked on Korean dramas and savouring Korean cuisine. Jacqueline’s a dynamic blend of professional expertise, nurturing motherhood, and a passion for diverse cultures, constantly enriching her life and those around her.

Meet Jenie

Armed with a bachelor’s degree in accounting technology that reflects her deep love for numbers and financial expertise.

With almost 5 years of dedicated service as a bookkeeper, she brings precision and organization to the financial world.

Beyond her professional life, Jenie is a loving parent to two amazing kids, cherishing every moment of play, and guiding her son through his educational journey. One of their greatest joys is traveling together as a family, exploring new destinations, and creating lasting memories.