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Traits of a Good Bookkeeper

Whether you’re interested in a career in bookkeeping, or you’re doing a deep dive into the reasons, benefits, and traits to look out for when hiring a bookkeeper for your business, there are a number of fundamentals to consider. Traits of a good bookkeeper are few, but those few are imperative to the operations and financial livelihood of your organisation/company.

Hiring a bookkeeper allows you to keep track of how your business is running, while finding ways to assist in its growth and success. However, not all bookkeepers are going to support your business, which is why we have put together this short, but important guide.

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Qualities of a Good Bookkeeper: Roles & Firms

Great Organisation & Time Management

One of the top traits of a good bookkeeper is organisation and time management skills. These are some of the most important things to look for when it comes to ensuring your operations and finances are always on track. With these things falling behind, it could mean major issues for your business, and constant back and forth and follow ups between you and the bookkeeping firm. That’s just added stress no one needs.

Happy & Confident Working with Numbers

Nothing feels better than knowing your bookkeeper is happy and confident working with numbers and figures. It’s not an easy gig, which is why it’s important to know you have a bookkeeper or bookkeeping firm that are comfortable working alongside these processes day in and day out, without the overwhelming feelings of stress weighing them down.

Attention to Detail

When working with numbers, data, systems and processes, attention to detail goes a long way. Working with processing invoices, bills and reports within set timeframes can be crushing for some people, and working under pressure isn’t for everyone; to complete tasks like these, efficiency, independence, and self-management go hand in hand.


Trust is one of the most crucial qualities of a good bookkeeper. Relying on someone to manage your business’s finances requires a lot of integrity, care, trust, and so on. This job requires someone to hold onto an abundance of important business information that needs to be kept confidential; not only does it keep a business safe, but it ties in legalities for a business’s clients and customers and keeping their records private.

Level of Knowledge

The level of knowledge required for bookkeepers extends beyond routine data entry; it encompasses a dynamic grasp of financial intricacies enabling them to contribute meaningfully to the fiscal success of the businesses they work alongside. Your bookkeeper should be able to track your companies progress financially, compare this to competitors and previous timelines, and report on trends, differences, and successes.

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